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Our A/C repair service is the best in the business. We have experienced and knowledgeable technicians who can quickly diagnose the underlying issue and make the necessary repairs. Our repairs are affordable and reliable, so you can rest easy knowing your air conditioning system is in good hands.

Common A/C Issues and Solutions

A/C blowing warm air

If your unit is blowing warm air, this could be an indication that it is low on refrigerant or a capacitor has gone out. 

This will require a service call with a trusted HVAC technician.

Bad odors

Bad odors coming from your unit could be an indicator that your filter is dirty or there is mold within the unit.

Often times this can be fixed by changing your filter or having your coils cleaned. If the odor persists, we recommend scheduling a service call with a trusted HVAC technician.

Not turning on

Most commonly, this is due to your thermostat. Check to ensure your thermostat is set to "cool" and then try replacing the batteries to see if it corrects the issue.

If not, we recommend to schedule service with a trusted HVAC technician.

My breaker keeps tripping 

There's a lot of risk when it comes to trying to run your A/C that keeps tripping the breaker. This could not only cause damage to the unit, but increases risk of fire as well.

A tripped breaker could be due to many variables such as bad wiring, the unit pulling too many amps, a faulty breaker, etc.

If resetting the breaker ONCE does not work, we absolutely recommend scheduling service with a trusted HVAC technician.

Leaking water from unit

Water leaking from your unit could be caused by a number of things, but is most commonly due to a clogged condensate line or a break in the tubing. 

To remedy this yourself, you can use a shop vac to clear the drain and drain pan. If doing this does not resolve the issue, we recommend scheduling a service call with a trusted HVAC technician.

My unit is froze up

A frozen unit could be caused by several things, such as a dirty filter, bad blower motor, or low or leaking refrigerant. 

You should allow your unit to defrost by turning it off and call a trusted HVAC technician to schedule service. 

SAFETY ALERT: If your heating and cooling unit trips the breaker, DO NOT RESET BREAKER MORE THAN ONCE, as it can result in a fire.

Contact a technician for service.

What makes us the best team for the job?

Aside from our friendly faces and family values, we are instilled with integrity and believe in always doing right by our customers. This means never selling you something you don't need, and taking pride in ensuring every job is completed properly.

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