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HVAC Security Cages

Protect your HVAC system investment against theft and tampering with a security cage. Security cages are made of heavy duty material and are designed to keep your HVAC system safe from intruders. The cages are easy to install and provide an extra layer of protection for your system. They also allow you to easily access your HVAC equipment when needed. With a security cage, you can rest assured that your HVAC system is secure and protected.

Commonly Asked Questions

How is it installed?

Installation requires two men, and is typically anchored into the ground or to a concrete pad.

Does it protect my HVAC unit against damage from animals?

Absolutely. It isn't that uncommon to find that a bird or mouse has made its way inside of the unit, which can cause a plethora of issues - the cage will help solve that problem. 

Animal urine is also another big problem and is known to cause corrosion to the coils on your unit.

What do people steal from the HVAC units?

HVAC units themselves are quite heavy and would be difficult to just pick up and take. However, most thieves go for the copper inside of them, which is fairly easy to access.

What makes us the best team for the job?

Aside from our friendly faces and family values, we are instilled with integrity and believe in always doing right by our customers. This means never selling you something you don't need, and taking pride in ensuring every job is completed properly.

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